Vox VT40+Amplifier

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This is a really nice amp that combines a geniune 12AX7 vaccuum tube in the power stage. A great tube tone is sent through the 10" speaker and the modelling lets you adjust your sound almost endlessly. With 33 amp models and a wide range of effects including delays, chorus, twin trem and loads more (25 in total) it is really versatile for performance, recording and practice. There are 99 presets and loads of capacity for creating and saving your own sounds. It has a built in tuner and an adjustable power level which allows lower volume playing without losing the drive or the valve sound. This amp comes with the original owner's manual and mains lead and packs a real punch at just 422 x 222 x 376mm I have used this amp a couple of times only outside the house for small gigs and am replacing it with a Bose L1 and modelling pedal set up so I will have to say goodbye to this lovely amp to make some room. This version has been replaced by a new model which retails at around £240, so get a great amp for much less. Happy bidding.