Fender Musicmaster/Duo sonic 1962 Vintage Guitar with Original Hard Case

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Up for sale is this cool 1962 Fender Musicmaster with slab fretboard. The body, neck and Neck plate are original. At some point it had a different bridge and had the strings routed through the body (like a telecaster). The finish is a mixture of colours! The original finish is underneath a blonde/white finish (which is very old). Could even be the factory finish as they went that colour later in 62. I've heard rumours of Fender spraying over finishes back then. It was also black at one point. There are 2 Custom shop Texas special pickups in there that have a nice bite to them. Not sure the age of the tuners. The scratch plate and bridge are new. The neck is lovely and straight. It's got the sought after slab board. There is 0 fretware and the action is nice and low. If you want our own number 1 but not at silly money this one is for you. It's got loads of character and sounds amazing!