Vintage 1960 Burns Vibra Artiste. Collectors vintage guitar

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Burns Vibra Artist 1960 PREVIOUS SALE CANCELLED & ITEM RELISTED DUE TO BUYER PURCHASED IN ERRORThis is a very early original example of the Vibra Artist. it has the 23” short scale double octave neck with a maple fingerboard, blank pickup covers, open back tuners, early strap buttons, and ribbed knobs instead of smooth. These things all point to it being a model made in 1960 the first year of production. It is finished in its original dark red with black neck fading into red at each end. The three Tri Sonic pick ups have no name stamped into the tops which is correct for this early production date. There are three volume controls and three tone controls; a rhythm / solo switch as well as a three-way pick up switch - all of which were not wired conventionally but in a way which by using all the controls in various ways could make many different sounds. The complex bridge design is multi adjustable for height and intonation .Great sound when you play this thing through something like an old Vox. The sound is bright and jangly without being thin. The three Burns pickups produce that all-familiar 60’s vibe. These pickups are still used on the Brian May Red Special guitars. The original Van Ghent machine heads still function well still retain the original cream tuning buttons. All the switches and knob controls work quietly as they should. The tremelo arm is missing. The solid body has some play wear on the front with some buckle rash on the back. Small chip out of scratch plate pointed end.The back of the neck shows wear and light chips to the finish. The frets are smooth but quite low. The guitar had been in storage for may years strung at tension. This guitar has a truss rod. It works and has been adjusted to achieve the best available straightness for the neck which still shows more relief than it should, but it can be played. The frets have been cleaned up but are now quite low and a re-fret should be considered when bidding for the guitar. It is not possible to adjust the action any lower than about 3mm above the 12th fret so some work may be necessary to get the guitar back to shape but I''ll leave it up to the new owner to decide if this is necessary. I have priced accordingly to leave budget to have this restoration work done. SHIPPING(Guitar will be shipped in a large strong double thickness rigid carton with generous soft polystyrene packaging) UK Mainland £24.00 Courier 48hrs tracked INTERNATIONAL Via Ebay Global Shipping Program - If your Country is not shown, I do not post to that Country. If you have any questions or issues relating to this item please do no hesitate to ask. Check my feedback and bid with confidence

Vintage 1960 Burns Vibra Artiste. Collectors vintage guitar  £575.0