Old / Vintage 1958 Hofner President semi acoustic / hollowbody electric guitar

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Vintage 1958 Hofner President guitar 100% Genuine Made in Germany guitar. Believed to be c1958, maybe slightly later. Originality: This guitar is pretty much ALL ORIIGINAL however, when we acquired the guitar the Volume and Tone pots were very very noisy and "scratchy" sounding. So we have replaced them with USA Made pots for trouble free playing, however, the original pots are supplied should you wish to repair the old pots and re-fit them to make it 100% all original. Condition: Body: the guitar shows decades of use. The body is covered in dents, scrapes, scratches, dinks, discolouration and tarnish etc etc It's nearly 60 years old and has seen some life ! However, this guitar is looking really good for it's age. In the pics you'll see it looks very tidy from a few feet away. It certainly isn't a mint museum piece but it is in very good condition for its age. Neck: the fretboard is worn, the wood shows sign of decades of wear and tear. The frets look original and worn down but with plenty of meat still on them. The neck joint looks as though its been off at some point, and there is some sign of cracks in the lacquer. Mind you, there's cracks in the lacquer everywhere so I'm not unduly worried. The back of the neck has some dents which you can see and feel but that doesn't distract from the really quite distinctly FLAMED maple. With regards to the feel of the neck, it's quite a thick neck, as in big fat baseball bat style fullness, like an original 50's Tele maybe. Electrics: As mentioned earlier the volume and tone pots have been replaced for new. The old ones were just too noisy and spoiled the enjoyment of playing it through an amp, so we changed them. The original are supplied (see photo). The pic of the rear of the control plate is taken before we changed the pots. It's quite an effort to get the control plate on and off so I won't be taking any pics of the rear, sorry for any inconvenience. I just forgot to do that before I re-assembled. The volume of the pickups is quite low, especially when compared to a new guitar. With the switch in "Rhythm" mode it is very quiet, and can only really be used in "solo" mode. The Bass and Treble switches are slightly scratchy but do work and the bass (neck) pickup being slightly louder than the bridge (Treble) pickup. Playability: This guitar is nearly 60 years old and plays like a 60 year old instrument. It's vintage. The neck has seen many notes, many climates, many gigs (probably) and so the neck and frets are no longer Laser cut straight as a die. When you 'sight' the neck you will see some 'wobble'. If you've ever looked down any vintage neck you'll know what I mean. This is no better or worse than most - it's right for type. Therefore the action isn't like an Ibanez RG heavy metal shredder, so guess what.. it isn't a heavy metal shredder ! It has an 'appropriate' action for a mature lady of this vintage. It's old and graceful not young and flighty. Exactly what you would expect. Hard case: No hard case. This guitar does NOT have a hard case but will be securely packaged in a box with padding to ensure it has a safe journey to you! About Guitar Mania - MULTI award winning shop We first opened our doors in 1994. Since then we have expanded and grown in size and popularity to become one of the South's leading guitar shops. Our commitment to a friendly, knowledgeable and personal service has won us a collection of awards. These include: Three times winner of the prestigious FENDER EUROPEAN TOP DEALER AWARD for service, knowledge and commitment to Fender products. (They only presented them for three years) And SEVEN times award winners at the Poole Retail Awards 'Top of the Shops' event, including overall Best Independent Shop and Best Customer Service. Our aim is to provide the highest levels of customer care, to offer a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere and still offer the lowest possible prices. In fact if you find cheaper, just let us know and we'll try and match it ! Either in store, or online transactions are safe and secure. All our guitars are dispatched: Inspected - check for scratches, dents etc Tuned - Stretching each string for optimum tuning stability Set up - adjust action and intonation as required Tested - give it a play to make sure we like it ! (Tough job huh ?) Ready to Play - now it's your turn ! If you want to come and visit us we're located on the sunny south coast of Dorset between Poole and Bournemouth. Our address is 116-118 Ashley Rd Parkstone Poole BH14 9BN Our Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 9:30 to 5:30pm Sunday: CLOSED Guitar Mania shop enquiries: 01202 718886 or 01202 733734

Old / Vintage 1958 Hofner President semi acoustic / hollowbody electric guitar  £489.0